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What you will receive in the answers package

The Guide Includes Assessor-Verified Reflective Account Answers To The Following Units:

A/618/5596 Risk-based safety systems management
F/618/5597 Safety culture, sustainability and the global effect on performance
J/618/5598 Digital technologies and incident investigation
L/618/5599 Development as a strategic manager
J/506/2048 Establish business risk management processes

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Tim P, United  Kingdom


Didn't have time to complete my units. You guys are life saver 


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I used your answers to learn to quickly write mine. Evidence and scenarios are really helpful. Kudos to you and this answer guide. 

Peter M, UK


Really saved my time. Big thanks to you 


Stephen F, UK


OMG, your guide is a Godsend for super busy professionals like me. Took me less than a week to put together all my units. Looking forward to positive feedback from the assessors !   

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